At Arlington Manor Event Hall
4 Arlington Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11207
718-285-1715 or 347-886-2490

BALLOON 101 - Balloon Types, Air vs. Helium, Balloon Equipment & Centerpieces                $150.00
4-hour class
January 23, 2017 - 7pm - 11pm

BALLOON 102 - Balloon Columns.  Spirals, Color by Color, Two sized and Size by Size         $150.00
4-hour class
January 24, 2017 - 7pm - 11pm

BALLOON 103 - Balloon Arches, Spiral, Linkoloon, String of Pearl & 3D Arches                      $150.00
4-hour class
January 25, 2017   7pm - 11pm

BALLOON 104 - Balloon Walls & Backdrops                                                                            $150.00
4-hour class
January 26, 2017     7pm - 11pm

All Four Class Package                                                                                                            $550.00

All seats must be reserved in advance.  Payments made by Paypal or cash only.  For Paypal invoice please email your request to  dandsballoonclasses@gmail.com and request an invoice with the class or classes you would like to take.  Invoice must be paid within 48 hours from receipt or will be cancelled.

10 Students per class.  Full refund if cancelled two weeks before class.  No shows will not be refunded.  Balloons, literature and equipment available for use.  Refreshments will be served.