Bklynfavors Rental and Purchase Store Policy




Bklynfavors provides free delivery, set up and pick up to our clients who purchase packages of $1200.00 or more.   Decorators will leave a bag for tablecloths, chair covers, table runners and chair ties.  Please make sure these items are packed in the provided bag for pick up.  If we must remove the item you will lose your refundable security deposit.


All credit card payments must match the information on the invoice.   We do not accept multiple party credit cards payments for a single invoice.


REFUNDABLE DEPOSITS are to ensure the return in same condition and timely manner of our rental items.  All cash refundable deposits must be picked up in store after your event.  Drivers do not bring cash refunds at time of pick up.  All credit card refundable deposits will be refunded back to the last card used.  If your pick up is a Saturday or Sunday, we are closed on Monday and Tuesday.  All refunds will be processed on Wednesday and Thursday.  THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE WEEKEND DAYS or NATIONAL HOLIDAYS.  This information is provided to all customers verbally at time of purchase.  Linen that has been picked up and returned must be counted and accessed for damages before we can release your refund. Refundable security deposits must be picked up within 60 day from the pickup date. Any cash refundable security deposits left after 60 days are no longer refundable.



You cannot make any changes two weeks prior to your event.  You can add if we are able to accommodate your request, however you cannot decrease or cancel items or services from your order. If you must cancel you will not be refunded for any cancelled items or services.



All linens are PRE-TREATED, SOAKED, WASHED, DRIED AND STEAMED after every use.  There may be unremovable stains that will not come out.  You rent at your discretion.  All deposits are non-refundable for décor services and furniture rentals. NO EXCEPTIONS.  All Furniture and Item rental deposits are $100.00.  Event Services $1200 or less, deposits are $200.00.  Event Services $1300.00 or more, deposits are $500.00.  If you cancel your event, you lose your deposit.  Any excess payments made will be used as a credit held for customers for 150 days.  After 150 days, customer will forfeit all payments made.  NO EXCEPTIONSAll balances of rentals must be paid in full one week before your event date.  All rentals of furniture, linen, fabric, carpet runners, accessories and equipment are the sole responsibility of the customer who signs this invoice. Rentals are for the duration of a customer’s event or by the day.  Rentals which are pick up on a Friday and Saturday must be returned no later than Sunday by 5:00 pm. Rentals picked up on Sunday must be returned no later than Wednesday by 7:00 pm.  Any rental returned after this time will incur a $20.00 late fee from their refundable deposit.  High end furniture must be retrieved the same or next day.  Next day rentals must be after 11:00 am and furniture must be available for pick up when driver arrives.  If we cannot retrieve furniture at time of pick up, customer will be charged an additional pick up fee.  If you agreed to pick up and return rentals and cannot return the rental and we must pick it up for you, you loose your deposit.  No Exceptions.  Rentals that are returned after Wednesday will forfeit your entire refundable deposit and still must be returned.  Any furniture, equipment, fabric or linen not returned will be considered stolen and reported to the authorities for recovery purposes.  If you rent seating for your event and the seating cannot fit through the door or doors, we are not responsible. Bklynfavors will not turn furniture upside down, shoved or put on the ground to get your rental inside of a venue.  If we have to take the original seating back to bring another one, you will be charged an additional delivery and pick up fee equal to the original price.  In this instance, we do not guarantee that the rental will be on time for your event.  Customers are responsible for any damages sustained by forcing furniture into venue doorways and stairways.  Furniture that is ripped, stain or broken will forfeit your deposit.  Any damages that are above the refundable deposit amount will be billed to customer's credit card on file for immediate payment.  Do not eat or drink on linen furniture.  Take photos with caution.  Do not sit on arms of chairs, drag to move or remove furniture from venue.  Linen and fabric must be returned in a same condition it was provided.  Rips, heavily stained and severely oiled linen is considered damaged.  Draping fabric drenched in alcohol, food articles and/or beverages of any kind are considered damaged.  Carpet runners returned with gum, candy and any other food particle that cannot be cleaned is considered damaged.  



We cannot control weather, traffic, police check points or community activities that close and block streets and major through ways or the delay of other non punctual customers.  All deliveries are scheduled one to two hours before your event is due to start.  Drivers are only considered late if they arrive after your event has started. In this case you will be refunded the delivery fee only.  Drivers are responsible for contacting all clients if they are delayed in any way for pickups and deliveries. Rentals which must be delivered must be delivered and picked up on the scheduled day and time frames.  Once driver arrives with rentals or décor items, customer or representative for customer must be present and available to sign receipts.  All customers have a 15 minute grace period once drivers arrive for delivery and/or set up.  Once drivers arrive for pick up all rentals and décor must be surrendered.  Drivers and Decorators cannot wait.



There are no refunds on décor and furniture deposits.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  All Furniture and Item rental deposits are $75.00.  Event Services deposits are $200.00.  If you cancel your event, you lose your deposit.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  If you order any item which requires artwork production and cancel your order after draft (s) have been submitted, you will be charged a $30.00 cancellation fee.  You cannot exchange your deposits for any items or services in-store.  If you provided more than the required amount for your event or rental, you can get a store credit good for 150 days.  We do not give CASH refunds especially for deposit holds.  If you must reschedule your event, you must consult with us first to make sure your rental and we are available for the new date.  We do not charge for rescheduling of an event.   Any item purchased can be returned and refunded as long as it is in its original package and can be resold.  Special item ordered cannot be returned or refunded or exchanged.  Pre-ordered of large quantity items cannot be returned, refunded or exchanged.  Custom items cannot be refunded or exchanged such as edibles, tee-shirts, photos, buttons and other Repeats are sent via email in PDF format only. Customers get two free edit after first text and/or email.  Any revisions after this will cost $10.00 per image texted or emailed payable upfront.  If you order more items and services than you can fit in your venue and cannot get the item or service, you will not be refunded. 



In the event the Customer must cancel the contracted services for decorating and rentals on the contract signed, all payments, including the initial non-refundable deposit, paid to date will be forfeited. The Customer may receive a credit minus cost of already ordered/prepared/rented items towards an available future date as agreed upon by Manager of Events of Bklynfavors Event Decorators, Inc. All cancellations must be put in writing and emailed to Manager of Events at:  PLEASE NOTE:  All cancellation must be in writing and emailed.  We do not accept verbal cancellations in store or via telephone. 

Customers who sign and provide deposits OF ANY KIND for any services and/or items means you have read and understand the above policy AND all of its contents.

Policies, Pricing and Terms are subjected 

to change without prior notice